Hi ! Sorry I didn’t come here sooner, but I have a lot of things to do… Here’s a compilation of some of my works !

I’m working on wonderful projects, and little by little I can see the result of my hard work, it’s such a pleasure to see that my music, on a short film or another visual support, can touch people, and that it’s travelling to different country, the animated short “Skeggi” went to a festival in Tokyo, and “A Snail’s Adventure” has several selections on different festivals !

You can follow my activities following the link to facebook on the contact page, in my website ( http://daisyherbaut.wix.com/daisy )

See you soon !

HI ! So many things to do, for now I work on six projects, I’m not complaining at all, I’m really glad that people trust me for their films ! Here’s a presentation of an e-book on which I’m working, hope you’ll like it !

Here’s my first 3d short film, I did the music and the sound design (yeah, including this sweet little voice… ahah). Other works coming soon !

Still working…

… but not anymore on “La Lettre”, the director really liked what I did on it, and for the first time I find my music OK. It’s a real pain to listen to the music I did before, because I’m always thinking “I could have done something better, there are so much mistakes”. This time I’m happy with the work I did.

Now I’m on the short films in animation and 3d, I have five to finish, music and sound design, before may the 30th… Which means ten days left… OMG, I wish I had more time to do that… But I’m not stressed, not at all, that’s weird… I think I will go crazy two days before.

Until now I’m happy because all the people I work with liked what I composed for them, no one told me “Aw no that’s not what I want, I don’t like it”… I know that it will happen, but for now I enjoy it !

Working on “La Lettre”

I’m trying to translate my website in english… and I realize my english is really awfull. Doing it later, I have to work on this beautiful film by Stephane Gays, “La Lettre” (“The Letter”), taking place in 1944, a story about a woman who’s writing a love letter, remembering the great moments she has spent with her lover… but you would be surprised by the denouement. I’m really happy because the director likes a lot the first music I made for the introduction, so I’m doing my best not to disappoint him.

Here’s one of my latest works, I did the music but I also took part on the making, for the scenario, the scenes, etc. We had three days to create a film, and here’s the result ! Feel free to comment !

Welcome !

Hi ! My name is Daisy, I’m 23 years old, and I am a (young) film composer. I’ll let you know my thoughts, my moods, my news, all that stuff ! You can listen to my music on my website : http://daisyherbaut.wix.com/daisy

Feel free to comment, tell me what you think of my work !